Childrens Hospital Los Angeles NICU uses the PACIFE tape is at each bedside in a pretty children’s tape player. PACIFE is routinely played at the end of the baby's 'hands-on', day and night and the unit has quiet babies. The nurses call PACIFE: "Our music…. our beautiful music.”

Day Sleeper
"Your music is absolutely beautiful. It’s beautiful. I played it after working a long night shift and I was able to go right to sleep which is usually quite difficult. This music is just the right background for completely relaxing."
Bedside nurse, NICU
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Crying puppies
The Pacife album is played every night now for the puppy. Right now it is halfway through the first song and he has already stopped barking and whining. My neighbors thank you!
E.L. England

Dogs Quieted
With Life Flight I often work long, unexpected hours. My two dogs generally do not tolerate that much alone time and I’ve come home to find newspapers shredded, things chewed, dogs barking and our very old Dalmatian has recently taken to peeing on the rug. I left the tape playing quietly for the dogs and the dogs were sleeping, nothing out of place, nothing chewed and the rugs safe when I came home. Thank you so much.
P. O. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Stops 'Purple Crying'
About a baby doing "Purple Crying", the loud crying that last for hours and resists any form of comforting: “I found a tape player and began to play the PACIFE music for him... I’d no sooner put it into the tape player than he stopped crying. It’s instantaneous. He’s looking around with a relaxed, peaceful face.”

Relaxes Cramps
“Your tape saved our Christmas. My daughter came home from college on Christmas morning, sick and in pain. I found her in a heap on the bathroom floor, white with cramps. I tucked her into bed and put the music of PACIFE on for her. I looked in after 15 minutes and she was quiet and relaxed and in an hour she came out of the bedroom, pain free, and spent a wonderful day with us. Thank you again.’
S. S. NICU Charge Nurse

During Surgery
Played during a high stress emergency Cesarean Section, the operating room was calm and everything went along nicely. Again and again, the surgeon or resident would look up and say: “That music is so lovely.” agreeing with the OR nurse that it should be played during all surgeries.
OB – Gyn Surgeon

Dogs - 4th of July Panic and Thunder
THANK YOU so very much for your tapes. Yesterday my little dog was in a panic. She could barely move from fright and shook terribly. We tried everything we could think of to calm her but nothing worked. Then I thought about your tapes so Ron and I tried it. My husband was very skeptical at first but within 15 minutes Bridget started to calm, slowing her breathing and shaking. By side two of the tape she was asleep, all the while fireworks crackling outside. Ron was truly impressed. I was relieved. Thank you again. I can't wait to get a copy to my mom and grandmother.
D. R. Respiratory Therapist

Cerebral Palsy
“My granddaughter was in an accident 5 years ago and when we left the hospital, they gave us your tape. She now has very bad Cerebral Palsy and your tape is the only thing that quiets her spasms and we’ve worn it out. How can we get another.”
Grandmother in LA
Peds ICU, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

From a young night shift nurse who had not slept (nor worked) in 3 months.
… Joseph gave me the tape last night. I put it on when I went to bed, and I could actually feel myself relax. After I woke up I just stayed in bed and listened to the music. Do you know where I can find more like that?

"I've used the PACIFE tape for a year and I have a room full of very quiet second graders doing their work."
K. L. teacher.

"… excellent trip back to London. The best flying I've ever had... and wonder of wonders, I even slept. A miracle."
E. J.

Myasthenia Gravis
I played PACIFE one afternoon, for a musician friend fragile with Myasthenia Gravis. He listened to it, got up and rushed to bed, slept for 3 hours and when he woke up, he looked robust, years younger... alive. Walked with a spring in his step. Amazed, he said his legs felt strong. The following day, he commented that his legs were still strong, saying: "It was that music!"

I listened to the music and It is extraordinary.
P.A. Montreal

We used your music (purchased via iTunes) looping on our Pods to start putting our 8 month old to sleep on his own. Quick and painless for the parents.. he's usually out out by track two
B.W. Portland

Peaceful house
We have moved the I-Pod into our bedroom and keep PACIFE on continuous loop. At night we settle in to the rocker, start PACIFE and begin nursing. Almost instantly we both relax. PACIFE has been a huge part of a beautiful bonding and breastfeeding experience in our household. Thanks so much.